December 28 2019

REVIVE Us Again!!!!

Revival, by definition, means to restore life or consciousness; to give new energy or strength to. For those of us who have been laboring and sowing in ministry all year long, this month’s gathering is for US! Pastors, ministry leaders, and ministry workers invest much of our time, energy, and resources to bless God’s house and his people. December at Men of Faith Network is all about God’s release of new energy and new strength. We are blessed enough to witness God bring one decade to a close while gracing us to enter into a new one!

Join us as Pastor Willie Jordan and Pastor Emanuel Nnamani minister revival to our hearts and spirits!


November 30th 2019

Pastor Pokoo and Dr. George are going to re-energize our passion for the souls of those who have not united with Christ. Why not join the Men of Faith Network and be re-energized for the Kingdom this Saturday, November 30th @ 10am on the campus of Trinity Christian College.

September 27th Fellowship

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. ~ Matthew 28:19 (NLT)

Before ascending to heaven, some of Christ’s very last words were that we should go into the whole world with the Gospel, teach the hearers and baptize believers.
Interestingly enough, according to Greek scholars…the emphasis on the command within Matthew 28:18-19 is not solely placed on the word “go,” rather the focus is on the word “teach.” Verse 19 reads more like this in the Greek, “As you are going, teach…”
Jesus knew that the impending persecution upon the church in Jerusalem would present the believers with no other option but to “scatter” throughout the world.
As such, his followers were tasked with the mandate to “teach” what they were taught and had learned about Him & from Him. That mandate is no less true for us today. In fact, the urgency is greater than ever before.
So save the date and plan on joining the Men of Faith Network as Professor Sam Umunna & Evangelist Chris Mikkelson provide much needed insight on how we can tangibly embrace the “Mission Mandate”

August 31 2019 Fellowship

“…I am anointed with fresh oil for Your service.” ~ Psalm 92:10 (AMP)

Nowadays, it is certainly no secret that we live in a day of substitutes. For every expensive name-brand item, there’s a cheap imitation. This “may” very well suffice when it comes to material items, but if we think we can substitute mere talent, intelligence, charisma or a charming personality for the anointing of the Holy Spirit…we are sadly mistaken. 
The fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit upon your life makes all the difference in your marriage, your family, your house, your church, your prayer life, your praise & all things concerning you. So won’t you join the Men of Faith Network as Apostle John Eshiba & Evangelist Fredrick K Ezeji-Okoye unpacks in a very practical way…just how we can live in a place of God’s fresh anointing!

July 27th 2019 Fellowship

Maximizing Your Metabolism

The organic and chemical processes inside of organisms that are necessary to maintain life.

Many times as Christians we tend to focus on the spiritual aspects of things more than the natural. We can become so “spiritual” that we blame Satan and others for many of the things we experience. How often do you look towards yourself as the culprit of issues you experience? Is it possible that what’s “wrong” with you can stem from an issue on the inside of you? What health issues stem from a slow metabolism? What are the symptoms? Are some of our physical concerns more natural than they are spiritual?

In this day of healthy lifestyles, super-fast weight loss and the desire to be thin and chiseled, it’s helpful to know information that leads to healthy living the right way! By its definition, every living organism has a metabolism. The concern is how healthy, fast or slow is one’s metabolism. Metabolism is necessary for life, so why not have the best metabolism?

Regardless of your level of knowledge of metabolism, join us for this month’s gathering to discover the value of Maximizing your Metabolism!

See you there!

June 29th 2019

Target Your Focus

Many times we understand our purpose and assignment and we begin the proper course. Unfortunately, we encounter additional opportunities that appear to be in synch with a purpose or desire. However, not every opportunity is for the moment, nor is every opportunity connected to the course. Life and experience teach us that at times what appears to be an opportunity is actually a distraction!

Paul truly helps us in Philippians 3 when he expresses his abilities and accomplishments. Paul did not focus on what he gained as much as he focused on his assignment, the teaching of Christ. Like Paul, we should become well familiarized with our Kingdom role here on earth. Although we have multiple successes and victories (marriage, family, financial, professional, etc.), as believers and Christ followers, we must recall our primary focus…making disciples!

Join us June 29th for the Men of Faith Network June gathering. Minister Landry and Pastor Ricks are very thorough and revelatory ministers of God’s word. A gathering you don’t want to miss!


May 25th 2019

The Family Altar

Family is very close to the heart of God our Father! He is concerned about EVERYTHING that concerns us. Psalm 68:5-6a teaches us that God is “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows. Is God in His holy habitation? God sets the solitary in families;”

If family matters to God, it should be important to us, His children. Families are a blessing from God and should be cared for diligently. Life happens for individuals as well as for families. As such, we have to be intentional about the natural and spiritual care of our families. If the family is indeed a blessing from the Father, we must be spiritually and naturally disciplined to maintain our families.

“Refining the Family Altar” is the focus of this month’s Men of Faith Network gathering. Pastor David Smith and Pastor Tim Oladipo are going to lead us and our families to the altar! You don’t want to leave your family out of this month’s gathering!

Strong families build strong churches; strong churches build strong communities; strong communities build strong cities that impact nations! You and your family have a responsibility!

This month’s gathering is open to ALL! Bring your family with you as we “Refining the Family Altar”!


April 27th 2019

Smart Money, Smart People

According to a report shared by CNBC in August 2018, the average adult (Generation Z through Baby Boomers) has $38,000 in personal debt. Credit cards and mortgages were cited as the most common sources of debt. If individuals have high debts, how many leaders (even ministry leaders) how much debt does the average church carry?

Money matters can be considered a “hard conversation” that many attempt to avoid. Dr. Godfrey Ekhomu has been invited back for Financial Intelligence: Part 2. If you missed Part 1, you certainly want to attend this month’s gathering. April 27 is going to have a dual impact on your financial life: personal finance and ministry finance. In addition to Dr. Ekhomu’s teachings on finances, MOFN is offering an added bonus for this month! Brother James Green of Thrivent Financial will be with us for this month’s gathering. Thrivent focuses on creating Financial Solutions that Fit Your Ministry for Over A Century – “Choice Dollars”, “Church Financing”, “Action Teams”. James Green will share how Thrivent can help pastors and ministry leaders in three key financial areas of moving a vision forward:

Charitable outreach funds
Church financing
Support with fund-raising, service activity or educational event
Don’t miss this “dynamic duo” day – Saturday, April 27, 2019!


— with DrGodfrey Ekhomu.