May 25th 2019

The Family Altar

Family is very close to the heart of God our Father! He is concerned about EVERYTHING that concerns us. Psalm 68:5-6a teaches us that God is “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows. Is God in His holy habitation? God sets the solitary in families;”

If family matters to God, it should be important to us, His children. Families are a blessing from God and should be cared for diligently. Life happens for individuals as well as for families. As such, we have to be intentional about the natural and spiritual care of our families. If the family is indeed a blessing from the Father, we must be spiritually and naturally disciplined to maintain our families.

“Refining the Family Altar” is the focus of this month’s Men of Faith Network gathering. Pastor David Smith and Pastor Tim Oladipo are going to lead us and our families to the altar! You don’t want to leave your family out of this month’s gathering!

Strong families build strong churches; strong churches build strong communities; strong communities build strong cities that impact nations! You and your family have a responsibility!

This month’s gathering is open to ALL! Bring your family with you as we “Refining the Family Altar”!