August 31 2019 Fellowship

“…I am anointed with fresh oil for Your service.” ~ Psalm 92:10 (AMP)

Nowadays, it is certainly no secret that we live in a day of substitutes. For every expensive name-brand item, there‚Äôs a cheap imitation. This “may” very well suffice when it comes to material items, but if we think we can substitute mere talent, intelligence, charisma or a charming personality for the anointing of the Holy Spirit…we are sadly mistaken. 
The fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit upon your life makes all the difference in your marriage, your family, your house, your church, your prayer life, your praise & all things concerning you. So won’t you join the Men of Faith Network as Apostle John Eshiba & Evangelist Fredrick K Ezeji-Okoye unpacks in a very practical way…just how we can live in a place of God’s fresh anointing!