About Us

Founded on September 7, 2009.
Men of Faith Network is a nonprofit organization that espouses bible doctrines, promotes Christian virtues, fellowship, worship, praise and prayer.
2017: A Year of Growth, Expansion & Influence…
As we look back in review of 2016, the Men of Faith Network wishes to extend immense gratitude to every Man and Woman of God who graced us with the ministry of the Word; to every Psalmist & Musician; to every MOFN fellowship moderator & participant; to every regular attendee; to every guest & to you, our Facebook supporters…we humbly say “Thank You”.
To the tireless efforts of the MOFN President, Fredrick K Ezeji-Okoye & the entire leadership team as well as to the incredible support of our spouses and families…words can’t begin to express our appreciation. To our Men of Faith Network AFRICA co-laborers, who are running with the vision…we say job well done indeed!! Lastly, but certainly by no means least…we THANK God for His amazing faithfulness.
And with bold expectation & “prayer soaked” preparation…we look forward to a year of unparalleled favor, growth, expansion & influence!!! As such, may 2017 be a year of unprecedented open doors for you, your family, your ministry & all that God has assigned to your hands….