July 27th 2019 Fellowship

July 27th 2019 Fellowship

Maximizing Your Metabolism

The organic and chemical processes inside of organisms that are necessary to maintain life.

Many times as Christians we tend to focus on the spiritual aspects of things more than the natural. We can become so “spiritual” that we blame Satan and others for many of the things we experience. How often do you look towards yourself as the culprit of issues you experience? Is it possible that what’s “wrong” with you can stem from an issue on the inside of you? What health issues stem from a slow metabolism? What are the symptoms? Are some of our physical concerns more natural than they are spiritual?

In this day of healthy lifestyles, super-fast weight loss and the desire to be thin and chiseled, it’s helpful to know information that leads to healthy living the right way! By its definition, every living organism has a metabolism. The concern is how healthy, fast or slow is one’s metabolism. Metabolism is necessary for life, so why not have the best metabolism?

Regardless of your level of knowledge of metabolism, join us for this month’s gathering to discover the value of Maximizing your Metabolism!

See you there!

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