June 29th 2019

June 29th 2019

Target Your Focus

Many times we understand our purpose and assignment and we begin the proper course. Unfortunately, we encounter additional opportunities that appear to be in synch with a purpose or desire. However, not every opportunity is for the moment, nor is every opportunity connected to the course. Life and experience teach us that at times what appears to be an opportunity is actually a distraction!

Paul truly helps us in Philippians 3 when he expresses his abilities and accomplishments. Paul did not focus on what he gained as much as he focused on his assignment, the teaching of Christ. Like Paul, we should become well familiarized with our Kingdom role here on earth. Although we have multiple successes and victories (marriage, family, financial, professional, etc.), as believers and Christ followers, we must recall our primary focus…making disciples!

Join us June 29th for the Men of Faith Network June gathering. Minister Landry and Pastor Ricks are very thorough and revelatory ministers of God’s word. A gathering you don’t want to miss!


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