March 30th 2019

March 30th 2019

How Healthy is Your Soul?

At the core of who we are is our soul. Many have said that the soul houses the mind, will, and intellect of an individual. Because of the soul identifies who we are at our core, it is vitally important to maintain the health of our souls. God has an expectation for us to maintain spiritually healthy souls. In Ezekiel 18, God made clear to Ezekiel that children would no longer be impacted by their fathers’ “sour grapes” (decisions). An important distinction God made in Ezekiel was that ALL souls belong to Him, and each soul is accountable to the Father individually.

How does God see your soul? How do you see your soul? Is your soul healthy or hurting? Join us Saturday, March 30th as Pastor Gregory Morris and Bishop Arthur Guice provide us with a physical examination for our souls!

We will see you there!


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