September 2018 Fellowship Meeting

September 2018 Fellowship Meeting

Principles of Leadership:

Leaders understand the value of solitude.

Leaders spend lots of time alone.

Leaders understand that times of quiet are vital in life.

In the quiet we receive a clear vision from God.

We will never have the vision and the power amidst the noise and clatter of this world … we must get alone w/ God!

A leader sees more in the night than others see in the light.

Leaders understand the importance of solitude.

Leaders patiently gather all the facts.

Leaders don’t rush into a project ill prepared.

Before you can lead you have to learn. Leaders make a mess of things when they try to lead w/out doing their homework.

Nobody seems to have the time to do it right, but everybody finds the time to do it over. “Measure twice, cut once!”

Leaders keep their eye on the big picture.

Micromanagers and control freaks wear out and break down quickly!

Leaders carefully choose their words.

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