March 24th 2018 Fellowship Meeting

In Romans 15:2 (MSG), Paul admonishes his readers that “strength is for service, not status.” Without question…strong words that are so very much needed today!!
As we pursue excellence in servant leadership, we realize that models, methodologies and strategies in and of themselves fall woefully short if we are not walking in godly integrity, Christlike character, transparency & authenticity wrapped in humility.
So what does this really look like? How do we exemplify it before a watching world, before those that we serve in ministry and more importantly, at home before our families?
To help us embrace the topic of “The Heart Of A True Leader”, the Men of Faith Network is delighted to have Dr. Jeff Hubing and the Men of Faith Network President, Fredrick K Ezeji-Okoye as they share what God has downloaded into their hearts. Mark your calendar & join us. Yes, there is a word from the Lord!!!